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CEO greeting

We make our best effort with the firm belief that the quality is the highest competitiveness.

Booyoung Textile has played a key role in the industrial textiles in Korea through the vehicles of trust to the customer,
consistent technology development and frontiership for the future since our establishment in 1979.
We converted to a corporation in 1993 and produced the textile for industrial fabric made of high tenacity low shrinkage yarn.
We stride for 3 targets of world best quality, precise delivery and assured trust by means of labor-management cooperation.

The flagship item, textile for tarpaulin has been renowned for its excellence through supplying to domestic companies and exporting
with Booyoung brand more than 30 countries in the world.
We, as a company obtained the certificates for the company appointed by Gyeongbuk PRIDE, management innovative business (MAIN-Biz)
and technology innovative business (INNO-Biz), exert our best effort in the development and production of new products with
a belief that the quality is the best competitiveness to survive in the global economic environment and export market.

Booyoung Textile, a company growing as a global leader

We will do our best effort to grow as a global leader for industrial textiles in the 21st century.
We will endeavor to be a company respected and trusted by the consumer.

Thank you.